Paranormal Investigations


We conduct our investigations with open minds and let the evidence we collect speak for itself.


When you contact Hemet Ghost Hunters (HGH), we you to provide some details regarding the activity occurring at the location in question that you feels is paranormal.  In addition, we will ask you to provide your name, home address, phone number, and e-mail address; as well as the address for the location where the activity is occurring if it is not occurring at your residence.  Next, one of our case managers will contact you, and she will set up a time for two or more of our investigators to go to the location in question for an onsite interview to gather more information about the location as well as any relevant phenomena; we also explain our investigation methods and answer any questions regarding our equipment, etc. at this time.  If the onsite interview and subsequent research warrant an investigation, one of our case managers contacts you to schedule a day and time for our team to do an in-depth investigation of the location; most investigations usually take about three to six hours.  Most of our investigations are conducted in the evening after the sun sets since most paranormal activity generally occurs at night and/or in the early morning hours; which may entail an overnight investigation depending on your wishes, amount of evidence, level of activity, and size of the location.  Daytime investigations may also be scheduled if you are not comfortable with an evening investigation and/or your schedule will not allow for one; however, these investigations may not be as useful as most paranormal activity generally takes place at night.          


What to Expect

It is also important that you understand that during an investigation it is necessary to have as few people at the location as possible, and that those who do take part be as quiet as possible to keep from contaminating the evidence.  Furthermore, most of our evidence is not revealed until all of our investigators have reviewed their evidence; after we leave the premises.  Once we analyze our evidence, we will set up a meeting with you to go over any relevant evidence and discuss our team's findings within 14 to 21 days after the investigation; you will also receive a DVD of any evidence.  In some cases a follow up investigation may be required if the evidence was inconclusive or contaminated, but all return visits are at your discretion.

Professional and Courteous Behavior

We keep all of the information gathered during an investigation in the strictest confidence, and we will never divulge your name or any other information without your permission.  Our consulting and investigation services are always FREE.
•Respect for the privacy of the owners, tenants, and property.
•Your final report and all digital copies/recordings in 14-21 days after investigation.
•Investigations usually take 3-6 hours