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Smudging is burning herbs, generally bundled sticks made up of various herbs, to purify, heal, bless, renew energy, and cleanse negative energy from spaces, objects, and people.  Smudging might also help if you are feeling ill, depressed, angry, or resentful; after an argument; or if you feel a negative presence or entities in your home, etc.  White sage is generally used in smudging to clear and consecrate space. Its smoke is said to draw positive spirits and discourage the presence of unwanted energies.  You should be able to find it and the smudges listed below at a local metaphysical or new age store or on-line, and you should use a new stick/bundle each time you perform a smudging/cleansing if you are removing negative entities from your home.  However, you might wish to use a more powerful smudge of Copal or Palo Santo to clear energies that are more stubborn, persistent, negative, and/or heavy.  Palo Santo comes in wooden sticks.  To use a stick, light one end; it will go out on its own; and then, fan the smoke around yourself or your space to clear negative energies.  Copal is a resin and comes in three varieties that are linked to their level of strength – White for blessings, gold for manifestations, and black to clear out dark energies.  To burn this resin, you will need to place it upon a pre-lit, charcoal disk inside a container that is heat resistant and fireproof.  

CAUTION: People or animals with breathing problems such as asthma should not stay in or enter the area being smudged until the smoke has completed cleared away.

Step One
If you are smudging a space/home, open all of the windows and doors before you begin.  Next, set an overall intention for the space you wish to cleanse, and for each room if there is more than one, and breathe slowly and deeply while thinking about your intention.   Say a prayer of cleansing such as, “I cleanse my home of any impurities, negativity, or energy that does not serve or support my home. I expel unwanted entities, I am grateful for the shelter my roof provides, and for the love these walls hold.”  Speaking your prayer or blessing out loud allows the power and energy of your voice to declare and direct the energy; you may say any type of prayer or blessing you like from simple to elaborate as long as it is meaningful to you.   

Step Two
Light the smudge stick until it catches fire then extinguish the flame by gently blowing it out and let the smoke billow from the stick/bundle like incense.  Use a bowl, ashtray, abalone shell (traditional), or other nonflammable container to catch falling embers or ashes.   

Step Three
Cleanse yourself before you begin to smudge your home, etc.  Fan the smoke gently around your body from head to toe and imagine the smoke creating waves of positive energy that flow all over you.  Envision the smoke carrying away any negativity (i.e. anger, stress, etc.) that surrounds you and replacing it with a deep sense of calmness and contentment.  

Step Four
Smudge your home one room at a time; start at the front door and fan the smoke gently by waving the stick over and around the door while blessing everyone who enters and stating that only beautiful and positive energy is allowed to enter.  While you do this, imagine that the smoke is absorbing all of the toxicity, problems, negativity as well as any other energy you wish to eliminate.  Next, do the same for all of the other doors and windows, again stating that only energy that is healing, beautiful, blessing, full of light, etc. is allowed to enter.  As you watch the smoke drift out of the windows and dissipate, imagine the negative energy leaving with it and making room for fresh, positive energy.  Now move from room to room smudging areas that may contain strong negative feelings.  Make sure to get the smoke behind doors, along walls and ceiling and wall joints, and in corners and small spaces such as cupboards and crawlspaces where energy tends to get “trapped.”  Bless each and every room and allow the smoke to carry any negative energy away.

Step Five
Once you have finished blessing every room, cleanse yourself with the smudge stick by cupping your hands over the smoke and waving it around your body and face as you would when washing with water.  Imagine any residual negative energy leaving your body and home and flying away leaving room for only positive energy.    

Step Six
Pause and feel the energy of your home now.  It should feel very clear, light, and spacious.

Step Seven
Once you have completed your smudging, walk out of your front or back door, close it, and smudge around the door and door frame.  Then express appreciation for the success of your blessing and extinguish your smudge stick by gently dipping the stick into a bowl of wet sand or water to ensure that it is extinguished.

 Step Eight
If weather permits, stay outside for five minutes or so to allow the energy within your home to work reorganize itself.  *Once your space is clear, routine clearing will help you keep the energy level in your space high and clear of unwanted negative energies.



Suggested Reading

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Growing Up Psychic: My Story of Not Just Surviving but Thriving--and How Others Like Me Can, Too by Chip Coffey (available to purchase from Amazon and through the Riverside County Library system)

People Who Don't Know They're Dead: How They Attach Themselves to Unsuspecting Bystanders and What to Do About It  by Gary Leon Hill (available to purchase from Amazon and through the Riverside County Library system)

 The Wise Child: A Spiritual Guide to Nurturing Your Child's Intuition by Sonia Choquette(available to purchase from Amazon and through the Riverside County Library system)